Camping in Colorado

With over 13,000 campsites spanned throughout Colorado the state holds open arms for those seeking the type of peace and clarity that only time in nature can offer.


Whether you are a seasoned camper or looking to start your first fire we have gathered a list of camping types (yea, that’s a thing) and some basic tips and tricks for ensuring the best camping experience. 


  • Tent Camping – most common! And there are actually two types of tent camping. The first is pitching your tent in close proximity to your car and therefore a campsite. This will also make having access to your essentials and potentially even bathrooms and showers possible. The second is packing your tent and heading to the backcountry
  • Glamping – “luxury camping.” you read it right. These are permanent canvas type establishments with an actual bed, heat, water and electricity and even WIFI. More of a trendy boutique hotel-type experience, often located in incredible remote locations with custom adventure packages. Honestly, pretty epic. Below are some links for you to check out for yourself!
  • RV or Van Camping – perfect for those not ready to fully commit to nature in the raw. Check out this link for sites, prices and more information
  • Backpacking/bikepacking – by far the most adventurous camping style. You will spend the day either hiking or biking to your campsite location and have all your necessities on your back! Be prepared and always let someone know your whereabouts and estimated trip length. 


A few tips for your trip!

  • Weather changes rapidly in Colorado. Be prepared and packed with light layers and versatile clothing.
  • Plan ahead and check out the sites and parks in which you plan to visit. Oftentimes reservations and permits are required.
  • Be prepared for wildlife and know the proper etiquette and guidelines for potential wildlife run-ins. Here is a great link to be prepared and stay safe!
  • Plenty of water! Pack in the sunscreen, bug spray, can opener, flashlights, first aid kit, cooking utensils, matches and of course, your favorite Genesee Nutrition bar!