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Colorado Spring

As of March 21, 2021, we have officially entered Spring. It is not too late to celebrate the Spring Equinox! There is so much to be thankful for as the days transition out of darker, colder winter months into lighter, brighter, longer days. We made it!

The Spring Equinox is a time for rebirth and growth. There is no better time to get clear on your goals and intentions for the months ahead and harvest your dreams into reality. 

Here are some of our favorite ways to ring in the light:

  • Get outside and connect with nature!
    • Spring skiing is here (YAS!)
    • White Water Rafting (season start end of April – mid-Sept.)
    • Hiking + Camping
    • You name it!
  • Plant a Garden
  • Prepare a Potluck
    • Gather friends and family for food in celebration of Spring
    • Create a theme around abundance, growth and expansion
  • Host or attend a bonfire!
    • Check your local fire regulations (always!)
    • Have a fire ceremony and leave behind anything holding you back into the flames. Make some space for something new. 
  • Spring Cleaning
    • Time to purge, reorganize and declutter your home!
    • Throw in some fresh flowers into your space
    • Spring Cleaning Checklist – if you are anything like me, the thought of cleaning out your space sends you into an anxiety pit. Take it one step at a time. 
  • Set a Goal and try something new!
    • Now is the time! You have the new energy of Spring to propel you forward. Take inspired action!

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