Community with Covid

When asked, “What makes Colorado so great?” 

One of the most common responses is “the people.” 

And we could not agree more. Our products are meant to be shared with the ones you love. Whether that be on a ski lift or around an open fire. There are some experiences that are just better together. 

It has been a tough year for the community with the Covid-19 Pandemic that put much of our togetherness on an abrupt halt, even closing access to the outdoors at times. It has been hard for us all. 

But, humans are resilient, resourceful, and seek creative solutions for even the toughest of setbacks. Even if that means stepping out of your comfort zone at times and into a space of connection that you would have never previously considered. Extra time at home has also created space to really reprioritize what matters most for you and your family. It also opened up opportunities for expansion in learning, creativity, and self-directed education.

Here are some of our favorite ways communities were created

  • Seizing Learning Opportunities – with pretty much everything taking to the internet there are more opportunities now than ever for expanding your learning and skillset amongst any genre of interest. Educators have gotten super creative in how they deliver top-tier content and have made it accessible to everyone. Even the prices for some of these courses and training are now more affordable than ever. 
  • Zoom//Video – we have pretty much seen it all. From Zoom Dance Parties to Thanksgiving Dinner, video conferencing has provided a gateway to loved one’s. Sure, nothing beats an in-person embrace but Facetime dates are now a well receptive first meeting. Who knew, right?? 
  • New Apps – from Clubhouse to Fireside, the Silicon Valley has stepped up its game by providing new, innovative platforms for people to stay connected and engaged to real, in-time conversation about pretty much anything. If you haven’t checked out these apps, we recommend you give them a go!
  • At-home fitness! For some, this has been the year where they have gotten into the best shape of their life. Fitness professionals have taken to social media and the internet to keep you motivated. Here are some of our favs
    • Peloton – although the bike is a huge plus (!!) it is not necessary to get plugged into the Peloton Community. For $40/mo, their app gives you access to all of their content that you can do from anywhere!
    • Alo Moves – one of our favorite online at-home yoga, fitness, and meditation subscriptions 
    • Playbook Tech you can find a solid collection of the most notable social media fitness influencers and their programs here!
    • Calm – for meditation and sleep, you’re welcome.