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Genesee the Great

Our love for Colorado runs deep at Genesee Nutrition. Most are surprised to discover that the inspiration behind our brand is actually the small unincorporated community of Genesee, Colorado. You’ll know you have made it when you see the herd of American Bison grazing off in the pastures of Genesee Park. 

We see Genesee as the “Gateway to the Rockies.” 

Heading West on I-70, you will come to a peak that overlooks the entire mountain range and opens up to the Rocky Mountains and gives Colorado its signature draw. Genesee is the invitation to all of the incredible adventures that only Colorado can offer. We see Genesee as a place of pure, untapped potential. 

Genesee Nutrition was founded with you and the adventures you seek in mind. We provide the fuel to get you there. Whether your goal is to summit your first 14er, ski the backcountry bowls or fly fish the Colorado River. We got you. May all your epic adventures begin and end with Genesee.

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