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Successful Goals

Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” – Pablo Picasso

Having goals are an awesome way to achieve something that requires effort and commitment. Whether these are daily goals, monthly goals, or yearly goals, it is always a great motivator to get your mindset focused on accomplishing something that you’ve always want to accomplish for yourself.

There are smaller and more easily achievable goals, then there are dreams. There may be advice or opinions on which one you need to reach for, but neither is wrong. Don’t be afraid to dream big and commit to a bigger goal. It may scare you or challenge you, but in the end, that will change you.

Having smaller, more attainable goals will provide you with a sense of achievement once you accomplish those goals. Whether you choose to share your goals for accountability or keep it to yourself, go ahead and jump on this bandwagon and list out some goals for this year.


Pick Your Category

One way to organize your goals is to break them up by category; ex. Health (can be broken down even more by physical, mental, emotional, etc.), career/work, personal development, etc. This can help you come up with specific goals for each category and focus on each of those areas in your life.

It can also help you prioritize which goals you want to focus on more. Ex: Health: I want to eat out no more than once a week and incorporate more vegetables in my diet by including a vegetable with 2 of my meals a day.

I want to hit on average 10,000 steps a day per week (meaning if one day is 8,000 then I will hit 12,000 the next day). Personal Development: I want to read 2 business-related books a month. I want to journal at least for 10 minutes, 5x a week. Career/work: I want to have a work/life balance: less time working on weekends and more time spent with friends and family. I want to find purpose in my role and love going into work every day.


S.M.A.R.T.  Goals

When writing down your goals, try to make them S.M.A.R.T. goals. S: specific M: measurable A: attainable R: relevant T: time-based Ex: I want to read 2 books about business that are at least 150 pages by the end of January.

I was specific about the type of book, I can easily measure my results, it is easy to attain this goal, it is relevant to my life, and it is time-based by giving myself till the end of the month. Having SMART goals makes it easier for you to achieve that goal. They set you up for success by pushing you further and giving yourself a sense of direction.



Either you can hold yourself accountable to your goals by setting deadlines, reminders, steppingstone goals, or you can choose someone you trust to be your accountability partner. It is easy to forget about a goal, or just simply stop trying for it, if there is no outside pressure for you to continue to aim for it.

If you have the discipline to hold yourself accountable, then you can do that by setting reminders in your phone or writing sticky notes and posting them in areas of your house that you can see them constantly.

If you don’t trust yourself as an accountability partner, then look to someone you do trust to hold you accountable. Let them know your goals and give them direction on how to hold you accountable- whether it is texting you once a week or checking in at the end of the month to see how your progress is going. A little pressure on yourself isn’t a bad thing, it will only help you reach those goals.

Create healthy goals for yourself. Start off small if you need to and go from there. Don’t try to lose 10 pounds in a month by restricting yourself and killing yourself at the gym. Don’t work so hard for that promotion that you lose out on your work/life balance.

Slow, Steady & Happy

The turtle always wins the race. Slow and steady. You should be living a healthy, active, and HAPPY life! That looks different on everyone, and maybe you need to figure out what that looks like on you. Don’t forget that you can always start over. It is never too late or never to early to start achieving things you have always dreamed about! Do this for yourself. Your future self will thank you! 😊 Lauren Kerr Co-Founder/ CMO of Genesee

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