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Time in Nature

With the worst part hopefully behind us in the Covid Crisis, time in nature is making a necessary comeback. 

When it comes to mental health and overall wellbeing we cannot stress enough the importance of prioritizing your time spent in nature. Did you know the sun is your best source of Vitamin D? Yea, you read it right. Vitamin D in the raw. Did you also know that more than 40% of Americans are deficient in Vitamin D? It is probably safe to assume that number has increased during the Covid Pandemic. 

Depression hits hard during the winter months and we know this year hit different for us all. It is one thing to not want to go outside…it’s another to be told you can not. With many restrictions lifted, now is the time to run to the hills! Dress for the weather and get outside. 

Silent time in nature is a meditation in and of itself. Take yourself on a short walk, breathe in the fresh air and remind yourself, “you got this.” 

Here’s how to get the most of your time in the sun:

  • Midday sun is your best time of day for exposure
  • Expose as much of your body as possible for maximum absorption
  • 10-30 minutes is typically enough time without the threat of being burned. After that allotted time, sunscreen up (preferably a zinc-based protection)
  • In Colorado, we look to the summer for the best exposure due to our placement relative to the equator. So, take a good D3 supplement during the Fall/Winter months.


The benefits of raw Vitamin D from the Colorado sunshine mixed with the immune-boosting properties of exposing yourself to the environment are plenty. 


For more information on Vitamin D check out what HealthLine had to say!

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