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Healthy, Active & Happy Life

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At Genesee, it’s our mission to provide delicious and nutritious snacks for people on the go. We love getting outdoors, exploring, traveling, adventuring, and we want to encourage everyone else to love it too! Our protein bars are perfectly designed for a healthy, active, and happy lifestyle!

Genesee - The Best Protein Bars EVER!

20g of protein, clean ingredients, amazing taste!

High Protein

20 Grams

Tastes Delicious

Peanut Butter Cup / Cookies & Cream

Clean Ingredients

10 MG of Organic Hemp Extract

What Our customers have to say

"Genesee is my go-to when I'm craving a natural energy boost. Great for implementing into my morning routine or when I'm enjoying the outdoors with the family!"
Andrey Krymchanskiy
"The Cookies & Cream bars are so good! Doesn't taste like your average protein bar, more like a candy bar. The Peanut Butter Cup flavor is great too, but the Cookies & Cream is my favorite."
Kyle G.
"I've been looking for products that fit my fitness needs with a combination of high protein and clean ingredients. I highly recommend all of Genesee's products!"
Miranda Peery

Healthy. Active. Happy.
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