Accountability Mirror

We are all about becoming the best versions of ourselves. One man who has paved the way and shared his story of overcoming incredible obstacles is none other than David Goggins. We highly recommend you check out his story and set yourself up for unwavering success. Check out his website and find links to his work. 

A key takeaway we received from his wisdom was the practice of the Accountability Mirror. Accountability is about not lying to yourself. Getting raw and honest about where you are at right here, right now. When you look into the mirror your reflection has a way of speaking to you and it becomes increasingly clear the ways in which you view yourself.

If you find that you look at yourself with disgust and negativity then your reflection will mirror that back to you and fill you with that negativity. A quick and effective fix is to simply look at yourself in the mirror with eyes of compassion, love, and truth. Smile and be kind to yourself. You are all you have. The relationship you create and nurture among yourself will be the longest and most intimate one you have. Invest in yourself.

Sticky notes. Take them in as your new best friend. Write out your dreams, your goals, your ambitions, and positive quotes to and for yourself. Post them on your mirror. Let them remind you every single day of the epic human you are. 

We believe in you!